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UAE Flag Day and National Day

29 November 2017


As part of the country's celebration of the UAE Flag day every 3rd November,  VHFL employees raised the UAE flag on 2nd November 2017 at 11:00 AM in front of the main building of VHFL.  Flag Day is a day of celebration, reflecting a symbol of unity, patriotism and loyalty to UAE and its wise leadership and adherence to the values of the union established by the UAE's Founding Fathers. 

UAE's 46th National Day was celebrated on 2nd December 2017.  VHFL took part in this national celebration on 29th November 2017 led by our Emirati colleagues.  There were good Arabic foods and sweets which surely refreshed our taste palates.  The event was highlighted with the letting go of the UAE flag-colored balloons to symbolize freedom and unity.